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As discussed in the introduction to the services section of the website the RCA Institute provides a variety of services targeted at helping Adopters in their evaluation of RCA as well as in ensuring that an Adopter’s RCA model – once implemented – conforms to acceptable standard in both maintenance and use.


The first category of such services is Exploratory services that allow Adopters to explore RCA and the information it provides before having to make that all important investment decision. Exploratory services are customized for each client to ensure a realistic look and feel of what the Adopter will get from an RCA implementation. The RCA Institute also provides a category of services called Assurance services. These services address the need of Adopters’ that have implemented and are using RCA. Assurance services are post implementation services intended to validate the soundness of an Adopter’s conceptual design and to validate that the Adopter’s end users (i.e., managers) are provided with information – at any time after the implementation -that conforms to RCA Institute standards. 

More details on these two categories of services for Adopters are provided on the tabs below.


Exploratory services are outsourced to certified RCA Institute consulting companies. Among the three products in this category there is one dependency namely, RCA-S003 (the RCA system model) requires service RCA–S002 (an RCA conceptual design). Deliverable scope for exploratory products is limited to provide for the necessary insights without a significant investment. RCA-S001 is limited to a single business unit. Potential Adopters may however purchase as many RCA Workshops as they need. For RCA-S002 and RCA-S003 scope is limited to no more than than four products/services and three customers. Scope for these services can be expanded based on Adopter needs and their business’ complexity upon which service fees will be negotiated.



Assurance services are provided by the RCA Institute staff or certified RCA Institute resources. There are no dependencies among the assurance services.  Assurance services however do require certain RCA implementation milestones to be reached. RCA-S004 applies to major project milestones such as the end of conceptual design. RCA-S005 must be purchased within six months of going live with an RCA model. RCA-S006 can be purchased at anytime that management wants the veracity of their decision support information validated. RCA-S006 is also a requirement for Adopter certification, refer the Certification page for more information in this regard. Please note that assurance services are provided on a time and material basis. Rates shown exclude expenses.

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