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RCA Institute Programs


The RCA Institute provides a suite of programs and services designed for individuals and organizations seeking a principle based knowledge and approach to management accounting solutions. These programs and services include the following:

Membership and Community: Become part of a community of professionals committed to learning and exploring solid solutions to enterprise optimization in their organizations. Stay on the leading edge of the growing knowledge and interest in Resource Consumption Accounting. A range of individual and organizational membership options are presented on the Membership page.


Training: Learn management accounting principles in a manner that cuts through decades of confusion in the field. Gain practical knowledge on the RCA approach to enterprise optimization through model design, information management, RCA implementation, and decision making in an RCA environment rich with practical management accounting information. The training program is described on the Training page.


Certification: Attain the knowledge and skills to design and implement RCA in organizations. Become invaluable to your organization! Become an elite and unique professional on the leading edge of a principle-based approach to management accounting. In addition to individual practitioner certification, certification and licensing programs are available for organizations that adopt RCA, company’s seeking to offer RCA implementation services, and software companies with products that support RCA. See the Certification page for more details.


Adopter Exploration: The RCA Institute provides a set of services focused on helping potential adopters learn and evaluate RCA. These services are intended to mitigate adopter risk and allow potential adopters the greatest flexibility in their RCA implementation decisions. More information on these services is available on the Other Services page.


RCA Implementation Reviews: The RCA Institute will provide Master practitioners to evaluate adopters’ implementations and ensure they meet the Standards of the Institute. See Other Services page for more information.


RCA Use Reviews: The RCA Institute will provide Master practitioners to provide periodic assessments of an organization that has adopted RCA. These reviews will assess the state of the RCA model to provide relevant management decision support information, the competency of staff using the RCA model, and convey best practices. These reviews will provide management assurance they are continuing to get maximum value from their investment. See the Other Services page.


RCA Practice Quality Maintenance: This program entails building out the RCA Body of Knowledge, standard setting and conducting practice reviews. This includes, for example, peer learning and industry specific guidelines for the application of RCA.


RCA Research and Case Documentation: The RCA Institute sponsors and collaborates in research into all aspects of RCA and cost management from initial exploration all the way through to the approach’s long-term use. The research program is intended to raise the level of knowledge of cost and profitability management, foster active participation by academia in the RCA Community and contribute to the RCA Body of Knowledge.

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