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The RCA Institute provides services that support a high quality, disciplined approach to the implementation and practice of management accounting using the principles and concepts established in the IMA Conceptual Framework for Managerial Costing and Resource Consumption Accounting techniques.  These services undergird the Institute’s objective to create a community of highly skilled, committed practitioners and adopters.  The services also mitigate the risks and challenges associated with implementing and using a new approach for management accounting and managerial decision support.

The following RCA Practice Framework will help adopters and vendors evaluate which services apply to their practice area.  The Framework is divided into 4 areas:

The first practice area enables individuals and organizations to approach RCA with a comprehensive understanding of the value it provides, and the commitment involved to adopt it.

Area two is designed to ensure highly qualified services and points of reference are readily identifiable.  Most Institute training is geared toward the certification of practitioners.


Area three allows an adopting organization to obtain an independent evaluation by Master Practitioners of an RCA implementation.   Practitioners are also required to have implementations reviewed to advance to Master-level certification and maintain corporate level memberships/licensing agreements.


The final area allows adopters to get an independent review, again by a Master Practitioner, of their organization’s staff competency in RCA, the effectiveness of organization’s RCA model, the quality of the decision support information being provided from the RCA system and the use of that information.  These reviews also support maintenance of Adopter Certification.

The Institute believes this is the most comprehensive model for management accounting practice and decision support available anywhere.

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