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An important part of fulfilling the RCA Institute’s vision and mission is training.  The RCA Institute offers a number of classes for RCA implementers, management accounting information providers in organizations, and decision-makers. Based on the depth of RCA knowledge desired, adopters, practitioners and vendors, can achieve one of four levels of proficiency namely: (1) awareness, (2) introduction, (3) competency, and (4) mastery.  The importance and uniqueness of RCA Institute based training is in its authenticity. It is compiled and delivered by RCA Institute certified resources, including academics and practitioners. Attendees will learn directly from the creators of RCA with an undiminished message and zero compromise.

Teaching methods are broken down into:





Training methods vary by the desired level of competency as follows:

  • Awareness materials include presentations, articles and case studies that are available to RCA Institute members through the institute website.

  • For Introduction and Competency levels classroom training is used in a professional higher education setting with the RCA Institute’s university partner. Introduction and Competency classes each comprise one 4-day module for which the schedules will shortly be available online on the registration page here. (hyperlink)

  • Mastery level is a combination of classroom training and the independent evaluation of practical implementation work. Mastery level class schedules can also shortly be viewed online.

  • Training offerings can be customized for the training needs of a specific corporate member when taught at their location.

More details on the various levels of proficiency training are provided on the tabs below.



RCA, as a principle-based approach to management accounting, results in a fundamentally different approach to compiling decision support information. RCA uses the IMA Conceptual Framework for Managerial costing as a guide for looking at and applying management accounting principles central to RCA’s introductory training. Introductory training comprises one four-day module and covers the following topics:

  • The Current Management Accounting Landscape

  • The Root Cause of Management Accounting’s Challenge

  • RCA/Managerial Costing Principles, Concepts, and Terminology

  • Introduction to RCA Modeling and Conceptual Design


Competency level training places the emphasis on the application of RCA principles and concepts in modeling. A section of this training course also focuses on the use and interpretation of RCA’s decision support information. To register for Competency training a member must first complete RCA Introductory training. Competency training comprises one four-day module and covers the following topics:

  • Advanced RCA Modeling and Conceptual Design

  • Case Model: The No Pain Case

  • Introduction to RCA Decision Support

  • Effective Enterprise Management – RCA Adopted


Mastery level training covers various implementation aspects of RCA and is primarily targeted to consulting service providers and Adopter project managers. To register for Mastery training a member must first complete RCA Competency training. Mastery training addresses the following topics:

  • RCA conceptual design methodology

  • Change management methodology

  • System implementation methodology

  • Strategic framework analysis


Decision-maker training targets an Adopter's end users of RCA information. Decision-maker training focuses on providing end users with a foundation in RCA modeling and then shifts the emphasis to the application of decision support information and enterprise optimization. The decision-maker training course has no prerequisites. This course covers the following topics:

  • RCA and the inductive nature of the decision making process

  • RCA/Managerial Costing Framework Overview – principles and concepts

  • RCA Modeling and the information it provides

  • RCA Decision Support

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